Children’s Course

Mary Jane Tashiro’s Children’s Course is REVOLUTIONARY!
Jacek Zganiacz, President of Northern Westchester Music School 2009

I knew that this most unique, yet clear approach made total common sense! All the Parents are giving me wonderful feedback. They are so impressed to hear their kids play and “want” to play when they are getting such fast results that they have learned so qjuickly and easily. The “happy” feedback that I receive from parents and students alike has filled me up with a lot of positive energy, which in turn, has helped my abilities as a musician.
Catherine Sangiolo, Teacher, Northern Westchester Music School 2009- ‘18

Mary Jane Tashiro’s children’s piano course is more than pointers. It’s a brilliant simple method. The melodies are written simply that transmits the creative urge in the children. The words she writes in the music are friendly and brings happy scenes and memories which inspires them to put their words to their own songs.
Rachel Evans, Professional violinist, piano teacher, 2013- ‘17

An autistic child who could not be disciplined by his Parents responded so well to your music and exclaimed how much he loved your music. He specifically loved Christmas Treats, Roller Skating and Valentine’s Day.
Judy Able, Teacher 2015 - ‘19

I enjoy MJT’s Children’s Piano Course so much because it has a “continuum” of music that goes easily from one book to another that is of absolute importance in learning.
Student, Magdalia Torres, Past Principal of School, Individual Counselor, 2016-‘18

Advanced Level

Crossroad has such a nice balance of dissonance and consonance. All of your writing has so much feeling in it and Crossroad is a good example of really using the course without sounding like an exercise.
Dell Hake, Graduate and Teacher of EIS/TV Arranger for Simpsons 2006

The piano is the epitome of all instruments to my way of thinking as it can be performed orchestrally to great benefits. You do this so well.
Steve Navoyosky, Graduate of EIS/Composer and Arranger 2018