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A New Direction in How to Share My Music

I realized that since I was 11 years old, my piano playing experiences centered on volunteering to play for churches. Becoming a composer made it a most engrossing process as well as a chance to share my completed music through performing them. The audiences have not been the educated musicians, graduates of conservatories or music teachers, but the young and old that have not had the opportunity to attend concerts. Unforgettable was the poor country with no running water in Kalmykia, Russia, the church audiences in Tokyo, Japan and New York, the many Seniors who are sick and needing an uplifting experience as well as the patients who happened to be walking through the lobby of the LA County Hospital. If I truly loved the melodies and felt the body of the end product was quality, the people listening responded with love! Thus, after giving a concert in 2012 for CARES, a charitable organization, it seemed a most fitting idea for the last part of my life to give other pianists a chance to match my desire.